Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journal Day #5

November 10, 2008

After observing the blog for several days I got a feel how this blog operated and I thought it was my time to chime. I posted comments on a blog with the intensions of sparking a conversation. I chose to comment on a post by Awful Announcing which was about the Monday night football game, San Fransico 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals. The post talked about how there were two bad teams playing each other and how the game was going to be horrible. So I decided to make a comment.

My comment was, “San Fran is going to beat the Card’s what are you guys talking about…….You are all stupid….It is a great Monday night game.” After this comment went up nobody reacted to it or responded to me and went on talking about the game. Then I decided to post another comment. I posted, “If you think the Card’s are gonna win you are dumb…….you idiots hahahahaha.” This comment sparked a reaction.

Someone by the name of ssreporters told me to go away. He is quoted saying, “go away John….” It was like I wasn’t accepted in there online world….then a few comments later someone said, “Yes John, just do us all a favor and go away.” His user name was jamescraven. After that I stopped posting. And the people kept talking about the game and how it was it going.
There was something that I noticed while I read the comments to this post. The comment’s to the post was like a play by play of the game. People were talking about what was going on in the game online as it was underway in real life.

The communication that was going on is like what Barrlow is talking about. It is shown how offline and online worlds are converging. While reading the comments it feels like I am at a bar or sitting home with my friends watching the game and talking about it.

After observing the blog for several days I was able to determine who ran the conversation and dominated it. These people commented most to the posts on the blog and in my eyes ran the conversation. The four people that dominated the blog by there user name was ssreporters, jamescraven, Mal, and Jfien.

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