Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journal Day # 3

November 8, 2008

There was only one post today that I saw opposed to other days where there were more postings by Awful Announcing. The post was called “The Pam Ward Chronicles.” It was a post explaining the past week in college football. There was certain highlights and issues discussed that pertained to college football.

After seeing this I did some research on who Pam was and I found out that she works for ESPN. She is one of two women announcers at ESPN and she covers college games. She writes articles for this blog and is part of it even though Powel has the final say on what is posted.

When I clicked on comments for this post I found that she was criticized on a grammar mistake pointed out by Jfein (user name). He said that is was one of her first of many mistakes today. Soon after that comment was posted an anonymous person came to Pam’s defense and told Jfien he is sexist and to leave Pam alone. I was unable to determine the sex of the individual that defended Pam.

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